Why We Have Eagle COH Guidelines

These guidelines were established to provide Eagle Scouts and their families a guide to plan a dignified and appropriate Court of Honor (COH) to recognized the achievements of the Eagle Scout. A Scout puts a tremendous amount of work and commitment into attaining the rank of Eagle Scout. The recognition should be commensurate.

Over the years the troop has established traditions of what an Eagle COH should be. The purpose of an Eagle COH is first, to honor the Scout. If the COH is executed well, it will inspire other Scouts to follow the adventurous and rewarding Eagle trail. A dignified and meaningful ceremony will also show the community the result of the Scouting program, so they will direct other boys into the Scouting programs and support the movement.

Many times a scout indicates he just wants the Eagle badge awarded at a regular Troop COH. This does a disservice to not only the scout but to the troop and the community. The Eagle COH deserves a special setting and program that is beyond that provided for the lower ranks.

In order to ensure that an appropriate ceremony is planned and conducted these guidelines were developed with input from the Troop Committee, the Scoutmaster Corps, and the Charter Organization and are based on troop traditions and customs.

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