Planning Your Eagle Project

Planning Your Eagle Project

Listed here are the steps you will need to take to plan an Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project.  Note that Leadership must be a key component of the project.

  1. With your parents attend a Life to Eagle Seminar at one of the Merit Badge Expos.  These are held three times a year. Obtain a Life-to-Eagle Packet at this seminar.
  2. Have the Scoutmaster assign an Eagle Advisor.  This is a knowledgeable adult who understand the process and can offer you advice and guidance with your project all the way through your Eagle Court of Honor.
  3. Keep a notebook and record everything you do, people you talk to, items you buy or that are donated, hours you and others work on the project, and problems you encountered and how you dealt with them.  Record events in your notebook when they happen and keep as accurate a set of notes as possible.  This will help you in documenting your project later.
  4. Select a project idea and discuss it with your Eagle Advisor.  Complete the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook.  See table below for links to copies in both Word and PDF formats.
  5. Your documentation in the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook should be complete.  If you would not be able to give someone your project workbook and have them lead your project, you have not provide enough detail.
  6. Get approval from the organization that the project will benefit.
  7. Once your Eagle Advisor and the Scoutmaster have tentatively approved your project idea, schedule a time with the Committee Chair to make a presentation to the Troop Committee.  You must submit your request to be added to the agenda by 5 PM on the Sunday prior to the committee meeting [limit of two project presentations per meeting]. To get on the agenda you must have the approvals noted above, have your project write-up completed, and all the above steps completed. Note: There are no Eagle Project Presentations to the Troop Committee in July and August.
  8. After the Troop Committee has approved your project, obtain approval from the District Eagle Coordinator.
  9. Only after all of the above approvals have been obtained can you start work on the actual project.
  10. When the project is completed complete the write-up in the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook.
  11. Submit to the Troop Advancement Coordinator a list of scouts and adults from T-103 who worked on the project and the number of hours worked by each person.

Links are provided below to various forms and documents.  It is strongly advised that the Life Scout review these before selecting a project or starting the process.

Contacts for Eagle Project Ideas WEB
District Checklist for Eagle Project Plan Approval PDF
Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook PC Mac

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