Life to Eagle Guide

Once a scout reaches the Life Rank he is ready to start work on the Eagle Rank.  This document provides a lot of detailed information to help you with that process.  If is suggested that both the Life Scout and his parents review this material to become familiar with the process from Planning the Service Project up to and including the Eagle Court of Honor.

In addition to the merit badges and leadership requirement for the Eagle Rank, a Life Scout must also complete an Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project to complete the Eagle Rank Requirements.

You must complete all of the requirements for the Eagle Scout Rank (except the Board of Review) prior to your 18th birthday.  Some of the Eagle Required Merit Badges have time constraints and will take several months to earn, so don’t wait until the last minute to start work on them.

When all rank requirements are completed you need to submit an Eagle Scout Rank Application along with supporting documents to the council office.

Once you have earned the Eagle Scout Rank by passing your Board of Review and is has been reviewed and approved by the National Council you will need to plan your Eagle Court of Honor.

The links below will provide you information needed to accomplish these tasks and complete the Trail To Eagle.

The links below are offered as additional resources.  Where difference exist between the information provided by these site and the Troop 103 information, the troop information is to be followed.


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